Compound Lining Machines

We at Melvina build the new #480 High Speed Liner (see our “What’s New” page) as well as the #80 S Aerosol Liner. We can make tooling to suit your needs on any of the following Liners, and we have the experience to do the job correctly.

D&A Model 800 Liner

401 diameter tooling currently equipped

Melvina #480 Compound Liner

FEATURES: Cam driven feedbars High Speed 202 to 610 diameter Electronic compound gun Variable speed lining chuck Swing out compound gun & hold down pad bracket Variable machine output speed…

D&A Model 19LS Single Station Long Stroke Liners (502-610)

D&A Model 19 Single Station Liners (202-404)

D&A 12B Liner (no tooling) #7886

Crown Model 4H Rotary 4 Head Compound Liner (401)

D&A Liner with vacuum hold down #7820