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SRS 320 PN – Heavy Duty Can Seamer

General Information used for larger can dimaeters or heavy duty material 4 roll heavy duty seaming head also available in Fully Automatic version (max dia. 7.8″) Seaming arms…

SPS 200PN – Non Round Seamer

General Information Can Seamer for Irregular shaped cans like square, rectangular, oval, etc. Also Used for seaming Capacitors and other similar applications Semi-Automatic, foot-pedal operation or pneumatic lift…

SRS 200FA – Automatic Seamer

Fully automatic single head round can seamer PLC Based Control Panel with Touch Screen Controls Used for Seaming Metal, Composite or Plastic Cans with Metal Lids Lid/End Feeder…

Pfaudler RP14 Piston Filler – 401 dia.

This filler uses a piston type system when filling product into a can 401 dia. tooling on this machine 14 pockets

NALBACH 401 high speed Coffee Filler

Model Necoflow 44/48 44 pockets

26 Pocket Volumetric Filler

26 pockets

D&A Model F Conditioning Tanks

D&A Model C Conditioning Tanks

Model #104 Fisher Spray Machine

Set up on 211 & 401 diameters

28 slot Rotofeeder on 603 diameter

Rotofeeder on 401 diameter

tooled for 401 diameter lids real nice high capacity rotofeeder

603 Borden Tester Pockets in stock

(1) High Pressure Tester

(2) Bordens 36×450 pocket Testers

Aerosol capable

Bordens 18 pocket set up on 610 DIA

1 gallon paint

Tester Services

Services Available from Melvina Can Machinery Tester overhaul/rebuild machine is completely disassembled all bushings, bearings and seals replaced with new ones complete rebuilding of all shafts, gears, slides,…

BLH Model 203R Flanger/beader

Bliss 1315 Flanger (8 Head)

Spare Parts for Bliss 1315

Cameron 249 Flanger

Presently tooled for 307

Borden Horizontal Flanger

Presently tooled for 211 aerosol (but can be tooled for any size)