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Angelus Seamer

Whatever your seaming needs, Melvina will help!


A list of our services:

  • Can seamer rebuilding
    • We can refurbish your existing machine or provide one for you
  • On-Site Technician Service
    • If you break down, we can have a qualified seamer expert at your door within short notice
  • Spare Parts for Seamers
    • We have thousands and thousands of brand new as well as used parts
      • Change parts (complete sets)
      • Chucks and rolls
      • Bushings, bearings, and seals
      • Levers and shafts
      • Gears, gears, and more gears

Dixie Semiautomatic Seamer – Tall Tube

tooled for approximately 3″ diameter tube very tall (approx. 36″) great for mailing tubes download a video of it running and seaming by clicking HERE

Manual/Electric Can Seamer – Home Canning Seamer (Table Top)

  Semi-Automatic Electrically operated Can Seamer. Leak Proof and Consistent Seaming. For Home, Laboratory or small Scale Canning. Craft Beer, Beverage, Juice and Homebrew Canner. Compact light-weight design….

Angelus 10P

401 Diameter has coverfeed The 10P is unique in that its head can be adjusted from 202 to 404, making change-over much simpler with not too much tooling…

Several Angelus 10Ps without coverfeed

These machines can be tooled for your 202-404 diameter  

Angelus 69P – 211 Dia.

211 diameter tooling disk feed machine with 6 heads

Angelus 29P – 307 Dia.

307 diameter tooling disk feed machine

Angelus 40P DF

401 diameter tooling atmospheric

Angelus 40P DF

401 diameter tooling steam flo

Angelus 40P MSLF – 300 dia.

300 diameter tooling steam flow straight line feed

Angelus 40P – 401 dia.

401 Diameter Disk Feed ca. 1996 The machine is like new  

Angelus 40P DF – 307dia. steam

307 diameter steam flow This machine is in very good condition

Angelus 50P DF Seamer – 401 dia.

401 diameter tooling disk feed

Angelus 50P DF Seamer – 603×700 dia.

603×700 diameter tooling Note:  Photo(s) below may not be of actual machine

Angelus 50P DF Seamer – 610 dia.

610 diameter tooling

Angelus 50P DF Seamer – 502 dia.

502 diameter tooling

Angelus 50P DF Seamer – 603 dia. Steam

603 dia. tooling disk feed steam flow

Angelus 60L MSLF Seamer – 204 dia.

tooled for 204 diameter single screw separator atmospheric  

Angelus 60L MSLF Seamer – 404 dia.

tooled for 404 dia. atmospheric

Angelus 75P – 202 DIA.

Great little machine on a hard to find diameter 202 diameter tooling

Canco 06 Seamer – 401 dia.

401 diameter tooling atmospheric