Brand NEW Seamers

BMT & Melvina have teamed up to bring you a whole line of brand new seamers at affordable prices

· Great for smaller quantities
· Brand NEW machines
· Semi-automatic & Fully automatic models available
· Seams cans, drums, filters and capacitors
· Heavy duty construction—bodies are solid close grain cast iron
· Seams metal lids onto metal, composite (paper), or plastic cans
· Each unit specifically designed for customer’s needs

Manual/Electric Can Seamer – Home Canning Seamer (Table Top)

  Semi-Automatic Electrically operated Can Seamer. Leak Proof and Consistent Seaming. For Home, Laboratory or small Scale Canning. Craft Beer, Beverage, Juice and Homebrew Canner. Compact light-weight design….

Model SRS200PN – Semi Automatic Seamers (Round)

Melvina is the sole distributor of brand NEW Bubber Semi-Automatic Seamers in both North and South America Model SRS: 200PN Fitted with an Auto Can Sensing (Proximity Switch)…

SRS 320 PN – Heavy Duty Can Seamer

General Information used for larger can dimaeters or heavy duty material 4 roll heavy duty seaming head also available in Fully Automatic version (max dia. 7.8″) Seaming arms…

SPS 200PN – Non Round Seamer

General Information Can Seamer for Irregular shaped cans like square, rectangular, oval, etc. Also Used for seaming Capacitors and other similar applications Semi-Automatic, foot-pedal operation or pneumatic lift…

SRS 200FA – Automatic Seamer

Fully automatic single head round can seamer PLC Based Control Panel with Touch Screen Controls Used for Seaming Metal, Composite or Plastic Cans with Metal Lids Lid/End Feeder…