#480 Melvina Compound Liner – Brand new high speed machine

  • Cam driven feedbars
  • High Speed (up to 400 epm depending on can size
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  • Cam driven feedbars
  • High Speed
  • 202 to 610 diameter
  • Electronic compound gun
  • Variable speed lining chuck
  • Swing out compound gun & hold down pad bracket
  • Variable machine output speed
  • Complete automatic lubrication

Our company manufactures the new Melvina #480 Compound Liner. This machine is a clean sheet design and is built for high speed and ease of maintenance. Here are some of the key features:

Ends are fed in through a hopper type magazine. This entire assembly is pivoted up and out of the way with the flip of a selector switch, in order to clear a jam or clean a spill. For those who prefer it, a traditional style magazine hopper is also available as an even exchange for the feed screw type hopper.

The Hold-Down pad bracket swings up and out of the way by means of one quick-action mechanical clamp. The clearing of a jam becomes a much easier proposition than the previous methods of unfastening screws. When the jam is cleared, the Hold-Down pad is swung back into place and clamped in seconds.

Our electronic compound gun is driven by a shaft encoder and is easily adjustable via a digital key-pad for compound duration.

Feed bars are driven by a rotary cam, so that there is no start-stop and reverse motion to the drive assembly.

The chuck is independently driven with a variable frequency control such that its RPM is infinitely adjustable and not related to the output speed of the machine.

The machine itself has independent output speed control and automatic centralized lubrication. The machine can be supplied with tooling from 202 to 610 diameter.